Consulting Services

In today’s time organizations have to compete and grow in a changing landscape they have to invest in constant technology innovation, upgrade their legacy systems to new cloud-native platforms and modernize critical apps

We help organizations evaluate their digital products and services, tap onto revenue opportunities by constant technology innovation. We have focus on human-centered design and frictionless customer experiences. We use a design-led and data-informed approach to building intuitive, game-changing experiences for both our clients and their customers.

Our expertise includes business model, product innovation, experience design and digital product evolution. Our cross-functional teams work closely with our clients to integrating business strategy, design, and technology in rapid cycles of experimentation to deliver on end-to-end product strategy.

IT Business Consulting

IT applications is no longer a business edge but it is at the core of an organization, with advent of cloud computing and smart devices we are at the start of real information age.

Fast-moving business case and requirements need users and customers to have access to all the information in almost real-time, we have the speed and scale to build solutions that are needed right now and are future proof.

We gather requirements and convert them into the solution that you and your customers need. We provide design & develop backend, front end, infrastructure, deployment, support, etc..
We can evolve your existing solution to meet current demands or make it future-ready. We also provide level 1 to 3 application support to free up resources for more important tasks.
We can design, deploy and manage infrastructure for you. We have a team that understands legacy server technology and cloud technologies with equal

Our distinguished team has strong requirement analysis skills, good technical understanding, advanced estimation processes, proven project management & availability of great technical manpower, we have a reputation of delivering applications on time and within budget.


  • Requirement gathering blueprinting, prototyping, iterative development and agile techniques
  • Understanding and expressing requirements through wireframes, prototypes and technical understanding documents
  • Evaluating and selecting the correct execution approach and technologies based on priorities, processes and performance preferences
  • Architect data models and solutions conducive to rapid application development
Our client trust us with their IT needs as they have seen us successfully deliver solutions that met their expectation & proved instrumental for their growth

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Organization must keep evolving their digital asset, Our experienced team can create product evolution strategy for enhancing, scaling or transitioning your product over time.

knowledge of consumer behavior powered by analytics and emergence of the cloud has thrown up new opportunities as well as challenges to businesses. Companies are struggling to innovate and grow due to fragmented technology landscape, constant product evolution and changing consumer preferences.

Our IT consultants can come and evaluate your current IT landscape, applications and technology stack.
Based on the latest technology trend and future requirement we can create a custom technology roadmap for your company with ROI analysis
We can do a comparative analysis of your IT solution and infrastructure to your competitors and give you a detail report card.

We combine our core technical knowledge with the latest technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, Robotics Process Automation, cognitive technologies and analytics to offer powerful business intelligence that helps our clients to respond quickly to evolving market needs and build the technology that their company will need in future.


  • Analyze your business need and compare it with your technology assets
  • Evaluate the technology stack on your current deployed applications and list their strengths and weakness
  • Simulate an evolved business needs from future and design solution that will improve customer interaction and satisfaction
  • Solution breakdown into Quarterly / yearly targets and create a complete roadmap
  • Business Process Mapping with your existing IT Solution and recommending changes to increase efficiency
We have strong product innovation capabilities, ensuring that you continue to refine and reinvent your product approach as your organization evolves.

Business Process & IT Mapping

Gtech has business knowledge in multiple domains and & evolved IT professional services which connect your business needs with exceptional technology

We have in depth understanding of various industries, our analysts and IT team are comprised of professionals with diverse & extensive knowledge. With our wide portfolio of expertise, we assist our diverse clients to meet their business objectives.

A team of domain expert and IT team can evaluate your business process and map it with your current IT system in place.
We can give you a report card and suggestion for your business process and give you alternative IT solutions in terms of the latest technology & growth in revenue perspective.
Once you choose the path you want to take, we can simulate the results such as customer satisfaction, conversion ratio and increase in revenue.

Our ability to cover many IT disciplines is a differentiator that sets us apart, we can evaluate your business objective and how your current IT platform/application is helping you meet your goals. We can then help design an entirely new solution or suggest changes to your existing system and simulate the cost-saving before you approve the project.


  • Business process evaluation using non-invasive technology in place of traditional time & motion study
  • Business process and IT infrastructure  / Solution Mapping
  • Alternate solutions with change in KPI / Optimized metrics
  • Develop & implement technology changes
  • Support and constant improvement of the solution as per business evolution
Let us become your partner in Process Change and Transformation to meet the technical demands that your company will foresee in near future.