Consulting Services

Decade ago, network services were defined as connectivity between devices, today it is more about the speed of connectivity, quality of service and network reliability.

Hence, both network management and network transformation are critical to an organization’s sustenance and growth.

Gtech’s expertise in managing large and complex wireless networks makes us an ideal partner for our clients in their network transformation journey.

Telecom Business Consulting

Lead the next decade in communication services through a total transformation of service

The telecom industry will continue to see explosive growth in the coming decade – thanks to increasing connectivity, the proliferation of devices & the advanced applications. Our telecom consulting service includes, designing, optimizing & managing the wireless network. Our engineers are experienced in the legacy technology and also the technology of future – 5G.

Experienced in delivering the turnkey project in both Overlay and Greenfield Network Design
Experienced in Optimizing 5G network & legacy network such as VoLTE, LTE, UMTS, EVDO & CDMA
Experienced in Managed services such as monitoring network KPI and addressing KPI degradation.

With our strength in creating tools and process we are are shifting the mindset of our clients to rely more on analytics and automation, which is helping them to create a lean framework for network optimization and maintenance (cost optimization, improving productivity & process efficiency).

We have experience in building an application to better visualize network data. We can help you reduce the time to take decisions based on stats.
We have experience in building application to automate your daily process and build rules based intelligence in the system to take quick decision.


  • Increased service reliability & assurance by reducing network degradation incidents using analytics
  • Evaluate incidents to get deeper insights into its pattern, frequency & cause, covering all aspects of people, process & echnology to automate solutions.
  • Understand the nature of data consumption of each subscriber using analytics
  • Adapt Services based on real-time analysis of the network behavior or the customer preference
  • Create specific services targeted towards enterprise customers
  • Real Time Analytics – Automation of Testing & Network Optimization – a key to better monetize the wireless network
Let us help you in leveraging existing assets to offer new services while deploying new technology to build competitive capabilities.

Data Analytics & Process Automation

Achieve a higher network reliability through Analytics and Automation

We have Telecom & IT Domain Expertize which has enabled us to help our clients analyze the network problem in real time & eventually automate the identification & resolution cycle.. We are shifting the mindset of our clients with the demonstrating our capability in automation & Analytics to create a lean framework for optimization (cost optimization, improving productivity & process efficiency)

Our expert team of Business Analyst and Product owner in coordination with your team identify your needs
We have the understanding of latest trends and technology to define the problem statement and the solution for it
We can design your application using the latest technology that meets the requirement and is scalable and responsive

Our Data Analytics & Process Automation services includes creating custom applications for data visualization, creating analytic models, automating daily activities and creating tools to understand and resolve network issue.

We can build the application be it network monitoring and optimization related application or new network design solution.
Our IT team will deploy, train and maintain the software application for you, we can even keep adding functionality as per your feedback.


  • Create awareness of automation as top tech enabler of business competitiveness. Realize ‘time-to-value’ with incredible speed
  • Expand the scale of software-addressable problems through cognitive technologies. Address problems that earlier generation technologies could not help with
  • Fundamentally change the way your tools are built. Enable your technology to learn & adapt
  • Manage & govern with control & visibility Seamlessly authenticate, authorize, notify & audit
  • Maximize advantage at minimized costs. Significantly reduce costs of addressing problems
Let us help you in improving your team’s efficiency by leveraging our telecom and IT experience to build analytics and automation application for you.

Custom Tool Development

We can create game changing product that increase your teams productivity

In order to keep up with Service demand & technology innovation, organizations must continuously innovate their digital product roll-outs to manage these new technologies & services. We use a design-led & data-informed approach to building intuitive, game-changing products for both our clients & their customers. By asking the right questions, gathering information & analyzing the data, we help you make sense of your current world, then create a hypothesis to start exploring solutions together.

Our Product owners have years of Telecom experience and they understand what are the pain points of our clients whether it be in new network launch or legacy network optimization.
Our developers have good understanding of new technologies & methods, we can create a solution that is an answer to today’s challenge.
Whether it’s a digital product or service —keep both the end-user & the business goals top of mind. Crafting solutions that resonate with the end-user, meet business goals & are technically feasible

We’ll find the right problem then design the right solution. You can look forward to working with passionate problem solvers that solve real problems. We champion co-creation & collaboration with our clients, their customers, & our developers, resulting in intuitive solutions that our clients are proud of.

We know that products don’t exist in a vacuum. We shape valuable opportunities by providing a structured view within your business problem & your expectation
Quantitative & qualitative methods are applied at different stages of strategy, design, & delivery to generate new ideas or validate designs with users. all devices.


  • Our cross-functional teams work closely with our clients to integrate their business strategy with design & technology & with rapid cycles of experimentation we are able to deliver the right product.
  • We use lean & agile approaches for product development
  • We have active product managers who can guide you through the complexities of scaling & evolving your products to meet expectations.
  • We have skills in User Research | Product Strategy | Interface Development, Our expertise includes business model, product innovation, design thinking,
  • We have expert product managers who can evaluate the product strategy & digital product evolution.
  • Our UI Developers translate design vision into digital products. We design within the constraints of technology & build interfaces that work gracefully across all devices.
Finding the right problem to solve is key to a great product. We use discovery methodologies & apply them to your specific business challenge.