Data Services

Harness your data to discover actionable insights
We’re passionate about putting data to work to solve your toughest challenges.

Identify the opportunity: We will work together to assess your organization’s existing and intended capability for data analytics and predictive modeling.

Unlock the dynamics of data: We will identify existing data features and modeling approaches that support your targeted use case and we will engineer new data features, as necessary.

Apply data’s predictive power. We will embed the predictive power of the developed models in business logic and applications to deepen engagement and drive the desired outcomes.

Partner with us and learn how to apply data science and analytics to create real business value and solve future problems.

Data Analytics

We help companies drive digital transformation by helping them combine digital and traditional data to gain a competitive advantage.

We go beyond your technology stack and capacity to examine your broader business organization, skills, objectives, and obstacles. Discover data-driven business opportunities and identify predictive use cases, impactful smart applications, and other data value streams.

GTECH provides a 360-degree view of the digital consumer, enabling companies to predict new revenue streams, anticipate product trends and popularity, improve customer retention rates and optimize investment decisions.
We help client use business analytics in playing a crucial role in formulating ways to improve business strategies, operations and make smart business decisions that lead to a competitive advantage.
A Big data analytics company helps companies harness the power of this big data, to build automated solutions and provide insights that lead to a sustainable advantage.

Organizations accumulate massive amounts of data from business operations, social interactions, sensors etc. We will work with your team to explore all available data for quality, completeness, and applicability to targeted usage scenarios


  • Machine Learning
  • Real Time Simulation
  • Data Visualization
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Cycle outcome data back into the predictive model to refine its accuracy to strengthen smart application performance
  • Use designated training-vs-testing data to quantitatively measure their predictive performance against your targeted use case to evolve and refine analytic models
Our business analytics and big data insights have helped companies improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase competitiveness and effectively trade-off risk against available opportunities.

Data Engineering

Data is a strategic asset that helps the business learn about evolving opportunities, hidden threats, changing customer expectations and the competitive landscape , make your data do more by building an analytics driven enterprise to monetize data

The volume of data has grown dramatically, while the cost of compute and storage have dropped. The algorithms have become freely available and with the right approach to Data Engineering, organizations can monetize and maximize the value of their data assets. Let us create a strong foundation of data engineering and incorporate insights from data science into their daily business processes.

Business-focused approach to data engineering to align analytics and technology.
Workload centric architecture to meet the different needs of business stakeholders.
Proven experience in delivering analytics solutions to internet-scale companies using Hadoop and open source technologies, on-premise and on-cloud

Data Engineering helps improve business process such as to automate the supply chain, drive continuous innovation, and create micro-moments based customer experience, etc.. You can have artificial intelligence power the core of your data-driven enterprise and creates signals that then act on the business to bring transformational value. This helps your business at any given time the ability to move quickly, in the right direction to defend, differentiate and even reimagine the business.


  • Analytics Roadmap
  • Data Consolidation Strategy
  • Cloud Migration Strategy
  • Data Warehousing, Data Lakes
  • Embedded Analytics Applications
  • Data Pipelines for Machine Learning
  • Migrate to Modern Architectures
  • Analytics Infrastructure Operations Management
We help organizations confront key issues in their journey towards data engineering so that they can truly exploit the opportunities that comes from data analytics and artificial intelligence to transform themselves into analytically savvy competitors.

Data Governance

When it comes to enterprise data, it isn’t enough for information to simply be available. A strong data governance policy should be in place that ensures that the data provided to decision-makers and other stakeholders is consistent of the highest quality.

Regulatory compliance, customer demands, competitive pressure, M&A activity and numerous other factors are increasingly motivating organizations to improve their data quality efforts. Actionable, intelligent data isn’t just a “nice to have” – it’s a real competitive advantage, and its absence can create an existential threat.

Enterprise level information management programs must be aligned with business objectives. We begin every engagement with a repeatable and rapid assessment to analyze current data management policy in your organization.
We design sustainable strategy in collaboration with organizations to build a roadmap to turn data into an actionable, decision-making tool. We document business and technology requirements to understand the current and future gaps in your data management program.
our approach allows you to start small, iterate and refine your data governance program over time to meet organizational priorities. This phased approach increases cooperation between business units and enables regular adaptation to changing requirements. It uncovers risks and misconceptions before they can cause disruption.

Gtech has experience bringing together business and IT Stakeholders like Data Governance Leads, Data Quality leads, Data Architects, etc.. to craft and implement enterprise data governance strategies. By aligning technical priorities with business objectives, we help provide full clarity around data ownership, access, usage management, and remove ambiguity about who is responsible for making changes to the data. The result: consistent, accurate and reliable data across the enterprise, allowing for informed and effective decision-making.


  • Define a corporate data governance strategy
  • Identify the right operating model for your culture and organization
  • Operationalize your data governance strategy
  • Eliminate common roadblocks to adoption
  • Analyze your data governance performance and business impact
  • Achieve meaningful, sustainable results aligned to your business objectives
We can help you put a robust data governance program in place as an oversight mechanism to ensure that the information provided to decision-makers and other stakeholders is consistently of the highest quality.