Network Design & Dimensioning

Bandwidth demand from consumers has never been higher. Now that 5G is finally here, the technology promises to meet this demand, with techniques such as antenna beamforming and bandwidth partitioning, 5G has the power to provide connectivity to a wide range of applications in the cellular industry.

We work with the operators in upgrading their network to meet the fast-changing demands and level of network service, to bring a better quality of network in terms of coverage and data speed.

Network Design

A well designed wireless network is the first step towards building a great wireless network, we can design a network that exceeds expectations.

We work with our client to understand & define standards for new network design that meets their business goals. We provide Planning & Design support to our clients so that they build a network that meets the current needs & is ready for any future demands.

We provide network dimensioning and design for legacy & 5G networks. We understand the design targets and limitations very well & design a network around it. Our engineers are experienced in end to end design from link budget, Antenna selection, etc.. to final design optimization.
We can optimize the design based on design targets such as min signal strength, average throughput in the focus zones. We optimize the Antenna model, azimuth, tilt, Tx power etc.. The goal is to have the best possible network quality within the cluster we are designing.
We can further optimize the network & predict the network performance using simulations such as Monte Carlo & Multi point simulation. We use our experience in traffic simulations to optimize the network design that meets the traffic demand targets.

We have worked with every kind of design challenge and know how to overcome it, with experience in designing Macro, In-Building & small cell networks on different technologies such as UMTS, EVDO, LTE and 5G

We have good experience in designing green field LTE & 5G network. We have designed 5G network for eMBB & Fixed wireless use cases. We have experience in Model Tuning, dimension, design & design optimization of a 5G green field network
We have delivered a lot of design projects for overlay design where the network operators are trying to build the new technology layer on their existing network. We have also worked on carrier add, infill site and coverage expansion design


  • Our engineers have good experience in all Industry-specific tools & software such as Planet, ATOLL, etc
  • Good experience in site surveys for macro (such as raw land, high rise building), small cell (in malls, stadiums outdoor strip malls, tunnels), & In-Building network., etc.
  • Overlay of new carriers to expand the capacity of the existing network. Expand the coverage footprint by designing new sites
  • Existing site config survey which includes mapping of the equipment, antenna & cable.
  • Created RFDS & Construction report based on the detailed site survey reports.
  • Densification of the existing capacity & coverage by building a parallel in-building network
  • Worked on designing multi-carrier LTE macro networks, Indoor Networks, & DAS Networks
  • we have been involved in database clean-up to maintain a clean design project information on tools
  • We have done design analysis with or without traffic / scaling factor for improved network design & utilization.
  • We have good experience in the IB Wave design & In-Building site survey to design an In-Building solution, we have done different types of venues like the airport, malls, casinos, hotels, hospitals, universities, golf course, etc
We have designed network based on efficient drive test data collection & utilization reports & understand the importance of designing an efficient network with good utilization of all the resources for high ROI which meets the required grade of service

Fixed Wireless Solutions

We are working with our partners to bridge widening gap of internet connectivity in rural communities compared to those in urban communities.

The lack of high speed internet access is stifling their abilities to prosper as a digitally-connected economy.  We are actively working with clients towards bringing high-speed broadband services to these underserved markets.

We provide network dimensioning & design of the 5G fixed wireless network, we have experience in designing, optimizing & simulating loaded network. We can design a network that meets the design KPI targets
Fixed wireless in rural areas needs distinct & customized communications infrastructure. We can help find opportunities to save on engineering costs. We address network capacity, quality of service & network coverage so that our clients can meet the needs of their customers.
Research, engineering, deployment & resources add up to overwhelming cost of network. We can create a ROI model based on service pricing model & subscriber growth rate, so that our client can break down the network rollout in phases to meet your ROI targets.

Mobile broadband services, also referred to as advanced mobility, become necessary because of the unique challenges in the serving areas. Innovative network architecture, operational expertise, & flexible business models are important requirements for a solution provider serving rural telecom companies.

Carriers serving business & consumer segments of an entire township need a custom approach to enable their rural communication service. We can help our clients design smarter by keeping the transmitter & receiver antenna flexible. We can create blueprints & scenarios to choose from.
In continuation to the cutting the cord, the high speed internet delivery is being designed through fixed wireless service on 5G. We are experienced in design a fixed wireless network that meets the capacity need of an enterprise & gives seamless coverage in their campus


  • CW Test and Model Tuning
  • Link Budget
  • Coverage prediction and optimizing the design using Automatic Cell Planner
  • Using automation tools to pick the best location on a building to install receiver antenna
  • Calculating the Minimum and Maximum service of each user at different load level to see if the minimum requirement is fulfilled or not
  • Optimizing the network and carrier requirement to meet the coverage and capacity need of the rural cluster
We provide the network design solutions to companies so that they can maximize the ROI of their network rollout and meet the goal of advancing connectivity for Rural & Fixed Wireless.

In-Building Wireless Solutions

As world is increasingly becoming dependent on wireless voice and data service. Staying connected indoors & outdoors is paramount.

We design In-building solutions that meets the Increase in mobile traffic originating or terminating within a building which is fast becoming vital for the growth in business for network operators

We provide services such as walk test data collection & post processing to give you an idea of the current network condition inside the building. Other service includes CW test to identify the path loss characteristics of the building materials used in the building.
We have experience in designing indoor DAS solution for any kind of venue like stadium, convention center, Airport, luxury hotels etc.. We have engineers who are experienced in IB Wave and other design tools to create a detail design to meet the clients requirements.
We have experience doing a comparative analysis of network coverage and quality after the DAS has been deployed. We identify the weaker area to fine tune the DAS network

Even with high site density, the outdoor network is still not enough to meet the capacity demand inside big venues. Also factors such as physical barriers from construction materials severely degrade wireless service. High traffic venues need a dedicated DAS solution to meet the traffic demand

Once the DAS is built it has to be optimized to meet & exceed the network design targets. We are experienced in post launch DAS Optimization. We use walk test data and network KPI to optimize the DAS network as per the designed indoor coverage and reliability targets.
Once the DAS network is optimized & meets the indoor needs, it has to be optimized so that it compliments the existing macro network & not work against it. We have good experience of optimizing the indoor wireless network such as reducing interference, optimizing handover and balancing traffic.


  • CW testing and IBwave design for indoor and outdoor venues
  • Design, survey , implementation, and optimization for micro cell
  • Provided In-building benchmarking and competitive analysis
  • Detailed indoor DAS and outdoor DAS optimization, and integration with the macro network
  • Interference reduction and handover optimization of DAS systems with Macro network
  • Pre and Post launch optimization of indoor and outdoor DAS systems
Newer data-hungry 5G devices will not be served only by the outdoor macro network.
We are working with our clients to offload traffic from macro network by designing In-building solutions for high-rise buildings, sprawling campuses, crowded stadiums, conference rooms to ensure their customers stay connected.