Wireless Network Optimization & Monitoring

Network operators often have to sacrifice on the quality of service & proper network utilization which results in loss of revenue from subscriber churn or increase in cost to build new sites.
Our organized approach with a structured layer of network monitoring and optimization improves the network by increasing the quality of service of the existing network.
We work with our clients in improving network performance and reduce the capex and opex of our client


Wireless Network Optimization

Improve network reliability and performance by partnering with us

We have the capabilities to improve wireless network performance, capacity & enhance coverage in your existing legacy network as well as optimize your 5G Network. You can rely on us for your future network (5G) deployments and optimization, we provide end to end optimization solution, from Single site verification, site shakedown, cluster optimization to KPI improvements. We use our proprietary tools to come up with solutions that can reduce the time to see the improvements.

We have experience in handling pre-launch optimization projects, which might include stationary tests, single-site verification, and cluster optimization
We have experience in handling post launch optimization projects, like before and after analysis, Parameter Audits, Traffic balancing and degraded KPI optimization
We have experience in 3G, 4G & 5G optimization. Our services include network KPI improvement, traffic balancing & network monitoring services to help keep your commitment to your customers.

We have experience in all the major Vendor equipment – OEMs such as Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and have worked on all the legacy technologies from 2G, 3G, 4G and now in 5G. Along with great employees, we have great tools and process which helps us create a lean framework for cost optimization and improving productivity.

We have experience in root cause analysis and parameter audit to improve the KPI for any site in your network, irrespective of OEM or technology
We have strategies to improve overall Cluster / Market KPI. We use DT Analysis, top offender optimization, parameter and feature implementation to improve the network.


  • Network audits, review and correction – example : Parameter audit, feature audit, RET / Power Audit, low traffic cell audit
  • Network optimization based on high drops, customer complaints or any other degraded KPI – Track improvements & degradation at cell & area level
  • Drive testing, drive test data analysis, event analysis, and network tuning
  • Network footprint analysis & improving coverage and capacity using existing network resource
  • NOC / Tech support for any RF issues, Alarm & SLA
  • Analyzing call trace & optimizing the network by isolating configuration & network issue based on the output
  • Find network implementation issues: Swapped Sectors, Over-titled Cells, Incorrect Azimuths, etc
  • Optimize neighbor relationships across multiple-band and technology scenarios
  • Project Management, Installation Planning and Supervision of Site integration
  • Site Survey to access the existing infrastructure and Quality Audit of the present site condition
  • Troubleshooting network issues post System Upgrade / Downgrade – Managing Optimization post carrier expansion
  • Knowledge transfer and training of engineers of process and tools
Meet your KPI goals and make your network work at its best by choosing us as your optimization partner

Wireless Network Monitoring

Networks operate 24 X 7 so do we, we give 24 X 7 all-year-round support to our client who want us to maintain the network quality at the same level all the time.

we take pride in maintaining the network reliability for our client and have strong experience in operating and optimizing wireless networks. We can work out of your local office or one central location from where we deliver cost-efficient and all-round NOC coverage. We can run 3 shift a day, which helps customers meets their SLA.

We have encountered & solved all network related issues. We have a big database of best practices which helps us find accurate solution & improve resolution time
We have process to automate KPI monitoring & degraded cell optimization. We provide network KPI improvements, network parameter audits, RET / Power audits, low traffic cell audit etc..
Our services include reporting daily / weekly alarms, KPI , traffic trend. We list optimization initiative based on high drops and customer complaints.

Our NOC Model has 3 tier support, the first tier is of RF Engineers who are constantly monitoring the site performance, Alarms and degradations and solving the issue. Second tier is involved in network audits and providing recommendation to clients to avoid outages / degradations. Third tier is giving detail analysis on areas where they can see improvement such as SINR reduction, traffic balancing, throughput improvements

Our team gives continuous support to your team by keeping an eye at network performance and resolving the issue to keep your network reliability high.
We constantly find room to improve the network performance by doing network level audits and implementing best practices that we have learnt over the years


  • 24/7 NOC support at client site or central location
  • 3 tiered support to monitor, resolve and improve you network
  • Engineers experienced in resolving customer level issue by using cell trace, drive test analysis and cell traces
  • Engineers experienced in all the technologies and knowledge of all major OEM systems
Operate a reliable network by partnering with us, we will make sure your customers get the network all year round - 24 X 7

Wireless Network Tunning

We have experienced in drive test based network analysis and optimization.

We have team of experienced team of drive testers and post processing engineers. Our engineers can tune your network to fill any coverage gap and improve SINR. We give a detailed drill down analysis of the failure events. We have developed tools and processes that has improved our efficiency and accuracy..

We have experienced drive testers and post processing engineers in our team. We do network footprint analysis and can help you in improving coverage and capacity using existing network resource.
We have engineers and also have tools that will drill down on the layer 3 messages of failure events to identify the cause of failure and recommend steps to tune the network.
We identify & solve network implementation issues such as swapped sector, over-tilted cells, incorrect azimuths, optimize neighbor relationships across multiple-band & technology.

Modern wireless systems delivers massive amounts of KPI however, there is always a need to measure the performance of the network in the field. Drive testing field measurements can be collected as part of wireless network optimization, performance benchmarking, troubleshooting, or performance/feature verification following network upgrades or reconfiguration.

We provide ongoing drive test analysis as ongoing optimization service. We understand your network condition & address customer complaints by routine drive test analysis
We provide drive test analysis post network upgrades like hardware swap / hardware addition. We immediately rectify degradation or swap to avoid prolonged network degradation


  • Strong team of Drive testers who are experienced in all the technologies such as UMTS, EVDO, LTE and 5G and have experience in all the DT tools
  • Strong team of post processing engineers with good experience of all the technologies and have capabilities to analyzed and troubleshoot network issues
  • Proprietary tool that help in creating analytic reports to help reduce the time needed for drill down and providing recommendations
Know about your network performance and Improve the customer perception by optimizing those easy to miss areas.

Wireless Network Benchmarking

We have experience in network benchmarking based network analysis and optimization.

Benchmarking your network and finding the performance improvement or degradation vs previous year/competitor is a key activity to evolve your network to a more reliable and competitive network. Keep up with the progress that your competitor is making and showcase your ongoing improvement.

We do a detailed analysis of wireless network for our clients and give a detailed comparative study of their network vs competitors network
We do a detailed analysis of client’s current network performance compared to previous year. We highlight the areas / KPI that have significantly improved or degraded and also recommends changes.
We recommend network upgrades & changes based on benchmark & comparative analysis. We help our client improve their network compared to competitors in terms of coverage, capacity & reliability.

We provide bench mark service as a quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly package. We maintain all the historical data and the reports / plots in a cloud server. We can even create a to do list for all the recommendations which then can be tracked by you through an erp like project management tool

We have experience in identifying network issue such as swapped sector, incorrect azimuth / tilt setting, poor coverage / SINR. We have seen significant network improvement based on our recommendations
We can identify geographical areas where your network needs improvement. Our analytics team use various data set to evaluate your current network quality in those areas & do a gap analysis compared to competitor’s network.


  • Data Collection and creating a secure data repository system
  • Simultaneous Multi-Carrier/Multi-Technology Network Scan & UE Tests
  • Outdoor and Indoor benchmarking available
  • Base data for improved site build small cell deployment areas, competitor site
  • Detailed Bin coverage analysis for competitive level (in-building, in-vehicle, on-street)
  • Zip Code summary analysis for marketing, sales, and strategy focus
Partner with us to understand strengths and weakness of your network. Let us help you be the best in what you do – serving the communication needs of your customer.

High Traffic Event Management

Networks are subjected to extreme traffic during special events. We can help you in managing your network during such events, maximizing the customer experience & prove high reliability of your network while bringing great revenue.

We have experience in high traffic event monitoring and optimizing the live network during many special events such as conventions, concerts, sports events, etc… We offer a service where we support our clients during weekends and disasters when their staff is busy.

We provide network performance monitoring, optimization & traffic balancing during high traffic events. We have experienced team which works on approved traffic & KPI management per event
Performance changes rapidly as users move within the venue. Quick decision on best parameters & antenna adjustments are needed to balance real-time traffic. We use standard OEM specific template for quick response.
We provide comprehensive report with KPIs & traffic distribution from start to end of the event. Also parameter & other changes that were made with KPI trend before & after changes, lesson learnt with list of best practices.

Our service greatly reduces the burden on operator staff by providing a pool of trained resources that can handle multiple simultaneous events and long duration events with consistently high quality. We follows a systematic and consistent approach to monitoring and optimization to maximize the customer experience

We provide live monitoring & optimization of outdoor events; we do traffic balancing between macro cell network bands. We provide locations for COW to offload surrounding cells around event venue.
We provide live monitoring & optimizing of indoor event. We do traffic balancing between outdoor macro cell and DAS network inside venue. We manage handovers at exit & entrance points.


  • Attend Kick-off call & assign resources with a different skill set to the defined workgroups
  • Identify a list of sites/sector to be monitored and agree on a reporting time period depending on the event type (15 mins, hourly, 4 hours, etc..) & method (Call bridge or email distribution)
  • Create and agree on the necessary reporting template
  • Pre-event analysis and venue design (COW/COLT placement and parameter implementation, etc.)
  • Verify sites alarm-free and set to baseline parameter values
  • Real-time monitoring and optimization during the event – Monitor KPI’s and highlight poor trending sectors, identify the root cause of the degradation and recommend parameter changes.
  • Root Cause Analysis and Agree on a list of parameters that will be changed, if needed to resolve poor KPI’s Hourly email updates
  • Post-event analysis and reporting – Present final deck for approval
High traffic event if mismanaged could lead to customer dissatisfaction, we can make sure your traffic performs at its best during every high traffic event