We are a software and telecom consultancy company that solves complex problems with technology.

We connect strategy and execution to help our clients to strengthen their core technology, scale with flexibility and create seamless digital experiences. We partner with our clients to continuously evolve their tech and enable an adaptive mindset to meet their business goals.

We assist our Teleco clients in the launch and managing world-class wireless networks -with the increase in data consumption and hardly any increase in revenue, the approach to launching a new network or features will need the telcos to keep ROI at the center stage. We have experience in design and dimension keeping network performance and ROI high at the same time.




We care about our client's success

Our passion is to use the latest technologies to create great software that meets our client’s needs. We design innovative & intuitive products to drive our client’s business performance to the next level.


Ethics above everything else

Ethical practice is in the core for everything we do.  We do not believe in taking shortcuts on technology or timeline. We deliver to what we commit with honesty even in the toughest of circumstances.


Learn global and deliver local

He have global perspective in mind while designing a solution. We are deeply connected with global ideas, communities & business environment, but we deliver as per client’s local demands to deliver what their customer need.


Teach and learn

We nurture open environment in our company where our employees are encouraged to learn, share & grow. We heavily invest our resources & time on training our employees & clients on the latest technology & delivery methodology.



Transforming Business

To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace a clear vision & executable strategy are critical. Even the largest brands must work hard to stay ahead of the competition. We focus on the intersection between business, customer, & technology to envision transformative business priorities.


Operations Modernization

Our end-to-end product life cycle management creates value through scalable business capabilities to drive growth, improve agility, & deliver innovative products. We help clients transform into customer-centric organizations by shifting the focus from “what can we sell” to “what do customers need.


Strategy and Innovation

Fragmented processes can drain productivity & hinder your ability to respond to rapid market changes. Organizations must manage operations efficiently & effectively to break down the walls between technology & infrastructure to deliver information & insights necessary innovation


Our Focus
our passion for new technologies to serve our clients & drive sustained business performance drives our product design & innovative solutions.
Our Team
Our Engineering Competence and Experience guarantee noticeable results for your complex requirements.
Our Culture
Our culture is shaped by a diverse group of entrepreneurial people working together to create a better way of working.
Our Efficiency
Efficiencies from our Services & products, allow our clients to decrease their operational cost, with higher operational performance.
Our Process
Our robust methodologies ensure a seamless transition, with minimal disruption. We are focused on metrics & defined KPIs for tracking performance.
Complete Solution
We provide turnkey clients tailored to every Operator special needs, delivering end-to-end engineering services



World-class Delivery

Gtech follows best practices in IT service delivery demonstrating world class standards to deliver quality services to our enterprises.


Offshore Development

Gtech takes offshore outsourcing to a new level of reliability, security, and professionalism in software development services by augmenting your in-house team with top talent.


World Class Talent Pool

Gtech consists of highly skilled and motivated architects, programmers, software engineers, designers experienced in modern technologies and platforms.


Commitment to Quality

Our continued delivery of top quality software services to our client has resulted in several recurring engagements. Be it the software delivery or quality of resources.


Complete Security & Protection

Gtech  unconditionally guarantees the protection of your intellectual property, design and development specifications, proprietary software and data with the highest levels of security.

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